About Us

Ahlan wa sahlan! Welcome!

We’re the El Towerys, a local Bedouin family from Dahab, and we’ve been welcoming tourists and travellers to Marine Garden Camp for more than 20 years.

We first opened in the 1980s, and from then, we’ve gone from a few very simple huts on the beach, to a full-sized Bedouin camp. Our unique style of accommodation is based on comfort, affordability, and friendliness.

While we’ve moved with the times and made our camp tech-friendly, we still maintain the traditions of the Bedouin beach camp: making sure that our guests are comfortable and well looked after in a low-key and laid-back atmosphere.

Marine Garden Camp is located in the centre of Dahab with all the shops, restaurants, and swimming beaches close by. But we’re also in a quiet spot so that you can enjoy an oasis of calm when you come back from a day exploring Dahab and its surrounds.

We offer a range of accommodation options that suit families, couples, and independent travellers alike. You can find more information about our camp and our rooms here.

We are a friendly and sociable bunch, and we’ve always got time for a cup of Bedouin tea. We love meeting travellers and learning about their home countries. And in turn we love sharing tales of the Sinai and Bedouin culture with our guests.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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